A Big Opportunity For Software Engineers

Agun Buhori
1 min readAug 31, 2022

Are you a software engineer? If so, I’m also hahaha. This field currently has a large number of fans, especially in my country, Indonesia. When students were graduated from high school, many of them choose computer science or information technology as their next study. It very makes sense because this field is needed by many companies. They hope with a computer science degree, will be software engineers and work in a big company.

We are living in the digital era, where you get everything in your hand. Formerly when I was ordering food, I need to walk to the restaurant and tell the waiter which food will be ordered. And then, I’m waiting in line until I get the food. At the moment, we just need to sit in the house end order food from an application. Ya, everything is changed and human behaviors are changed.

The cause of the things change is advances in information technology. This condition creates a big opportunity for you as a software engineer to increase your career value and salary. When I was looking for software engineer jobs on LinkedIn, too many opportunities there I have found and some companies hard to find the candidates needed by them. This is the reason why software engineering has a big opportunity. Especially with the advent of the 4.0 era, all industries will certainly need this profession as their investment.