How Do I Build “Bekal Islam”, Ustadz Firanda Da’wah Application?

The Bekal Islam application is a da’wah application developed by the UFA team. With this application, users can learn Islam in a basic and comprehensive manner. This application contains a lot of fundamental knowledge about Islam such as Tawhid, Pillars of Faith, Pillars of Prayer, Hajj, and so on. This application was previously available and developed by a developer, but unfortunately due to the busyness of the developer, the application cannot keep up with technology update trends. Finally, sometimes the application does not run on some cellphone models and crashes. Some features also don’t work well.

Application Users



  • For state management, I use Recoil over Redux. Why? The reason is that there are several cases that require high flexibility and ease of writing. Recoil is a great choice for flexibility compared to Redux which has to write multiple configurations and reducers. The first time, I tried to use Jotai state management. After a few times, Jotai wasn’t really good when integrated with AsyncStorage + TypeScript instead of Recoil. That is the reason I replaced Jotai with Recoil.
  • For push notifications, I use Firebase. This is the most mainstream.
  • For code maintenance and update, I prefer to use Microsoft App Center. This platform supports Code Push for making instant maintenance and updates.
  • For the back end, I prefer to use PHP for managing the content temporarily. Sometimes I will replace it with NodeJS.



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