React Native vs Others. Is This The Best Choice? Business Discussion, Not About Performance

React Native is a JavaScript framework for building cross-platform applications (Android, iOS, Mac App, and Windows App). This framework is backed by Facebook since 2015 and at the moment, has a large community around the world. I was using this framework in 2018 to build an application. At the time, is difficult to find support libraries needed by my application. And now the framework has many developers, is easy to find the necessary library such as calendar, notification, and so on.

I have finished several applications with React Native and I think this framework is very helpful in the development process. With React Native, I can build an application quickly with native feel performance, even though the performance isn’t too closest to native (Objective-C, Java, Swift, and Kotlin). That happens because this framework has a bridge between JavaScript and Native Modules. I think that’s not bad for our business when we build apps based on necessity.

More advantages when we use React Native as our choice are, that React is the most popular library among developers, just uses CSS to create user interfaces, and it has official libraries from the community.

When I Use React Native Rather Than Others?



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