The Reason Why I Choose Tailwind As My Primary CSS Framework Right Now

Styling Flexibility

In my opinion, currently, the Bootstrap era almost ends and has been replaced by TailwindCSS. With Tailwind, the developers are getting more flexible to create their UI and Tailwind can hone the CSS skills of developers. If you mastered a lot of CSS, you will really like Tailwind because with it you just style your UI in more simple and shorten way.

Create Your Own!

I use Tailwind in my React or Vue projects and feel really love it. I think when we use Bootstrap as a framework, our UIs will be really familiar with developers or users and the UI looks similar to each other. This is a different thing when we compare Bootstrap and Tailwind. With Tailwind, I feel my UI looks not really similar and I can create my own styles according to my mind. Besides that, you can create your own color dictionary!

Good Looking Codes

I combine Tailwind and SASS in my NextJS project and taraa! The codes look good and wonderful!

My codes when using Tailwind

Just In Time Compiler

You might think that with Tailwind, your project will be bloated because Tailwind load all CSS styles and convert them to classes. That opinion is my opinion at the beginning use Tailwind. After a few times I use it, actually, that thing wasn’t correct. When you integrate your Tailwind with a modern framework, the framework developers create an amazing feature called JIT to make your app bundle size more optimized.



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