Working in Indonesia With International Salary, It’s Possible?

Motivate Yourself With High Salary And International Relations

In Indonesia, the minimum salary is called UMR. When I found the range of salaries by data, there is an average salary between IDR 4.000.000–6.000.000 a month. If you are living in the industry zone, the salaries are mostly high and low in other zones.

Hone Your English Skill

Currently, English is an international language. We have to use English to communicate with our colleagues in other countries. We have to learn how to speak, write, listen, and read English correctly. If you have enough money to buy some courses, let’s do it. If not, you can open your YouTube app and search for tutorials from English teachers.

Hone Your Communication Skill

Communication is an important skill must have by employees. If your communication skill is minimum, it’s hard to develop yourself and your career. Try to use communication platforms like Slack, Github, Stackoverflow, etc.

Hone Your Computer Skill

Computer Science has a lot of fields such as programming, graphic designing, illustrating, video editing, and so on. The tutorials on the fields are very much on the internet and you can find them on any platform.

Upgrade Your Profile

Try to register on job market platforms like Linkedin, Turing, etc, then fill in the profile fields. Please don't forget to put your experiences, projects, creations, skills, and your relations.



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